Fit Fuel Book Launch

I’m happy to report that Fit Fuel, the book I co-authored with Chef Robert Irvine, officially launched on August 10. It’s not a cook book in the traditional sense, but rather a healthy living manual with motivation, workouts for all experience levels, and a lot of delicious healthy recipes. It starts with the story of how Robert grew up involved in athletics, but ran into a lot of health problems with high blood pressure and cholesterol as he got older. Only by figuring out how to eat clean meals that didn’t sacrifice what he loved so much about food was he able to get truly healthy—and unlock his full potential in the gym.

Fit Fuel sold out of its first printing in a little less than two weeks. Pre-orders accounted for nearly half of the full load, and the moment Robert went on Fox & Friends to promote it, the rest were gone shortly after. For anyone who got shut out, the second printing is now underway and more will soon be available at The Fit Fuel Website and Amazon. The Fit Fuel website is also a good place to get a sample of some of the book’s workouts and recipes.

While I’m happy about the sales—and I do admit this is all rather exciting as it’s the first book I’ve ever been asked to work on—I have nothing to do with any of that. Robert has a tremendously loyal and dedicated fan base who couldn’t wait to see what his latest project was all about, so I count myself very fortunate to have been able to partner with him. (I’m also very grateful to the many positive reviews the book has gotten on Amazon and elsewhere.)

I can’t really say enough good things about partnering with Robert. The aforementioned loyal fan base is there for a reason: Robert really wants to help people. What you see him do on TV when he lovingly kicks people in the ass and gives them the tools they need to succeed—that’s what he does in real life. It’s not an image he cultivated for TV. Restaurant: Impossible is an unscripted show and I’ve been behind the scenes. When the cameras are off, Robert is still working, teaching, and encouraging—both the participants of his show and his own crew. Given the horror stories you hear about how a lot of TV personalities flip out and berate their crews when the cameras aren’t rolling, I can’t tell you how refreshing that was to see.

A few weeks ago, Robert asked me to join him for a Fit Fuel promotional segment on Good Day NY. I’ve done a bunch of red carpet video interviews for the M&F website, but I’ve never been on real TV. Big thanks to Duke Castiglione for setting it up. The segment aired earlier this week and will re-air this Sunday night on Fox 5 in NY. The full video is below.

Thanks again to everyone who’s made Fit Fuel a success so far!

Robert Irvine on Good Day NY