Caddy Ring "Pilot"

Click the image of the title page to read my original pilot, Caddy Ring.

LOGLINE: When a teenage boy lands a job at a prestigious golf course to save money for college, he finds himself at the center of a brutal hazing ritual. 

Family Guy "Problematic Guy"

Click the image of the title page above to read my Family Guy spec episode, “Problematic Guy”.

LOGLINE: When Peter Griffin makes a phony feminist overture that goes viral, a reporter begins digging into his past.

Issues "Pilot"

LOGLINE: Set amidst the crumbling magazine industry, a down-on-his-luck black editor gets one last shot to do his dream project, but to do so, he’ll have to team up with a publishing industry lion—an old eccentric white bigot.

If you’d like to read this script, send me a note HERE.

Caddy Ring Summary & Story Bible

Click the title page above to read my story bible for Caddy Ring, including every episode breakdown in Season 1, summaries of Seasons 2-5, character bios, and more.