RI Magazine: Reader Options

This is a recap of all the different ways you can get your hands on Robert Irvine Magazine, no matter your platform preference or mobile operating system.


1) PDF Download. Go to the magazine’s home page, RobertIrvineMagazine.com and click the “Download Now” button. In a few seconds, you’ll get an interactive PDF, with all links taking you to additional content, web pages, videos, and more when you click on them. The download is free and you can collect all the issues and keep them forever.

2) Online Streaming. One of the great new features of the latest version of InDesign is online publishing. This allows digital publications like RI Magazine to live online through the Adobe website in the same way that millions of videos live on YouTube. This lets us create an easily shareable version of the magazine that can be embedded anywhere, like right here:

And, just like a YouTube video, which can be queued up to begin at any part of the video for a particular audience, you can choose which page you’d like the magazine to start with. The whole magazine is there to read, but if, for example, you really loved Robert’s recipe for cherry-apple crisp, you can choose to have the magazine open to that page when you embed it on your site for your readers. You can retrieve the latest streaming versions at the magazine’s home page. Click on the bottom right hand corner of the issue to generate the embed code.

3) ISSUU.com. This is a fantastic website that has built a huge user base by offering thousands of free digital magazines. For fans of issuu, we brought RI Magazine there (check this LINK to read the July/August issue) and of course issuu’s page-flipping animations add a nice touch to the reading experience.


4) Apple News. For iPhone and iPad users, click the News icon on your home screen (it’s built-in and can’t be deleted) and search for Robert Irvine Magazine. Add it to your favorites and you’ll get updates every time there’s new content. Each month, all of the magazine content makes its way over to Apple News, and Robert even posts additional columns here that bridge the gaps between issues and keep you up to date on what’s new in his world.

5) Flipboard. For Android users or anyone who just prefers the ease of sharing on Flipboard, we created an official Robert Irvine Magazine on that platform as well. Start following us HERE. I personally love Flipboard, and not just for following particular users or publications. Sign up, pick your interests, and let the automated content aggregation do the rest. My Sunday mornings are usually spent over a hot coffee and reading all the articles that piled up over the week. Give it a try and you’ll love it. We’re also posting Robert’s bonus columns to Flipboard, as well.

Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback on the magazine, hit me up at matt@chefirvine.com or let me hear about it on Twitter @MCTuthill.